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I started this blog basically to have something to do. I love reading so why not share it! In the process, I ended up getting my sister, Jennifer, to look over my reviews because I can't spell... and it went from there. It's nothing fancy just some of our opinions.


Shayna Hinshaw
- Site Founder and Reviewer

Welcome! I am 27, married to my highschool sweetheart, living in Raleigh, NC. I have a fluffy goldendoodle, that believes he is a person and I love to read. I am a sucker for some historical fiction. I also read Christian fiction. I have every Ted Dekker book. You might catch me with a romance book, maybe...I also am a bit nerdy so some science fiction can be found on my shelves. 

Jennifer Snow - Reviewer

Hello! I'm Shayna's sis and I got roped into this somehow, haha. I am 22 and am a recent graduate of Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. I enjoy reading; but hardly have time to with the hustle and bustle of a new job and new schedule. The books I typically pick up are young adult fiction; but, I do enjoy classic, historical, and science fiction when I'm in the mood for a more difficult read. 

Lydia Jones - Reviewer

I'm 21,  I graduated from Liberty in 2016, I am currently looking for grad schools. I saw Jennifer post something about this on Facebook and wanted to be a part of it! I love love love to read and am a huge Harry Potter nerd, but I am a sucker for any book with a good love story. I collect different editions of Pride and Prejudice, and my favorite genres are young adult, classics, and Christian murder mystery. 

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