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Movies have ratings why not books.

I have always wished that books would come with a rating system. So that you could flip it over and see what kind of content you were fixing to pick up. With movies, you can easily look up why a movie is rated R or PG-13 and decide if that is something you are ok with seeing. Why not books?

The review is just my simple opinion. I am not an English major or a highly critical reader. I will more than likely not pick up on some of the subtle themes in the book. There will probably be spelling and grammar errors galore; and, there will be a definite bias towards the style and type of themes I enjoy. You may not agree with all my thoughts; and, that’s ok.

Rating Guide

Each book will be given an overall raking out of five stars.
5 - It's a Keeper, BUY IT!
4 - This is a Must Read
3 - It's a Good Book
2 - Overall a No
1 - Not a Gem, Don't Recommend

Each book will also be assigned one of the ratings below. The star rate is on the quality of the book and the second rating is a guide for the type of content not the quality of the writing.

                None       Mild       Moderate       High       DNF  

NONE means the reviewed book contains no offensive language no sexual references, and no violence (or virtually none — maybe one or two uses of very mild language). 
A rating of MILD means that you will see some minor expletives, plus perhaps a few of the slightly stronger ones, like “sh” or “a.” Sexual references might occur but nothing explicit. No descriptions of the act or detailed delineating of body parts. Violence might be a part of the plot, but there won’t be many gory details.
MODERATE: Language might include some stronger expletives and maybe a few uses of the “f” word (referred to usually as “strong language”). Sexual references might include some details at several points throughout the book, even, but still nothing you’d read in a bodice-ripper. Violence could be fairly detailed, with some blood and guts or some harshness as to topic.
A HIGH rating is for books that contain more than five or so uses of strong language, explicit sexual details (pages devoted to specifics of the act), shocking violence, or any other strongly vulgar content; sometimes the books with this rating have some harsh themes that alone require at least the moderate or the high rating. If given this rating I will try to explain why without making the review unreadable.
A DNF rating is given when I did not finish the book. This rating is usually not a comment on the quality of the writing; but, instead a note that I may have chosen not to finish the book because on the content and my review may be incomplete.

Note : Books that are written for young readers will have a tougher/tighter rating system than those for adult readers. For example, an adult book with two or three mild bits of language could get a “none” rating; where if it were a young adult book it would get a “mild” rating. Sexual content will also be taken seriously. However, dating and casual kissing will not be considered sexual. Since many teen books are also largely read by adults, a young adult book rating of “moderate” could very well be “mild” for an adult reader.

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