Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Beast Within: A Tale of Beauty's Prince by Serena Valentino

Star Rating : 5 out of 5
Content Rating : MILD

Inside Cover :
“The tale is as old as time: a cruel prince is transformed into a beast. A lovely maiden comes into this monster’s life. He is transformed by her compassion, and the love he feels for her in return. The two live happily ever after.

But any tale, especially one as storied as Beauty and the Beast’s, has been told many different times, and in many different ways. No matter which version one hears, the nagging question remains: what was it that transformed the prince into the beast we are introduced to?

This is one version, pulled from the many passed down through the ages. It’s a story of vanity and arrogance, of love and hatred, of beastliness, and, of course of beauty.”

My Thoughts :
My first thought: I LOVED IT! I’ve grown up on Disney which is mostly about already good and strong characters that may just start out in the dust, but this one is about the vain and arrogant side of a character. It gives much more in depth character detail of how the Beast became the Beast; more detail than just refusing to accept a rose as cause to his beastly transformation. I will give a heads up to read the series in order, I did not originally know that it was a series until I looked up more books by the author. I'm currently reading the other books in the series and I can tell that you do not necessarily have to read them in order. However, the timeline of some events in the books lay out better if the books are read in order.

I gave this a rating of MILD. I do not recall any use of harsh language and there is no sexual references. However, there is some violence but no more than Disney’s version where he fights off wolves. The last reason for the mild rating would be the themes of vanity, hypocriticalness, and other similar ideas. I would say this book is good for upper elementary ages and up so roughly 10+ years old.

What I liked : 

  • Can I say everything? – Is it wrong for me to say that I loved every part of this book? I mean before I even finished it, I bought the rest of the series and even pre-ordered the next book in the series. 
  • The Villain – I’ve always wondered how the villains that we’ve grown up with came to be. They couldn’t have just started out that way, something had to push them over the edge or guide them to who they are today. So I loved getting to intimately know the Beast and what made him the “Beast."
  • Main Character Role – I know a book about the Beast is going to be a male role, but I do love a good male lead character. Don’t judge me too harshly, but I get tired of the never ending strong female characters that flood our young adult fiction world. (Don’t get me wrong, I love those characters too but I like to change it up once in a while).

What I didn’t like : 

  • Um, NOTHING! – I really have nothing that I disliked about the book and story, I honestly tried for about twenty minutes to find something wrong with it. The only thing I could come up with was just a missing punctuation mark once in a blue moon.

About the Author :
Serena Valentino has been weaving tales that combine mythos and guile for the past decade. She has earned critical acclaim in both the comic and horror domains, where she is known for her unique style of storytelling, bringing her readers into exquisitely frightening worlds filled with terror, beauty, and extraordinary protagonists. The books in her best-selling Villains series are best enjoyed when read in the following order: Fairest of All, The Beast Within, Poor Unfortunate Soul, Mistress of All Evil.