Saturday, November 5, 2016

Welcome to Delightfully Readable

These reviews will be just my simple opinion. I am not an English major or a highly critical reader. I will more than likely not pick up on some of the more subtle themes in the book. There will probably be spelling and grammar errors galore; and, there will be a definite bias towards the style and type of themes I enjoy. You may not agree with all my thoughts; and, that’s ok.

I have always wished that books would come with a rating system. So that you could flip it over and see what kind of content you were fixing to pick up. With movies, you can easily look up why a movie is rated R or PG-13 and decide if that is something you are ok with seeing. Why not books? Therefore, each review will include a Content Rating and an overall Star Rating.

Hope you enjoy!
Shayna Hinshaw

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